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The controversy over Native American names in professional and collegiate sports arrived at the White House on Monday, when President Biden hosted the Atlanta Braves, winners of last years World Series.

The end of a near-total national ban on sports betting has brought a massive windfall to sports books and state budgets, but some experts fear it will also lead to a major increase in gambling addiction.

About a year ago the NCAA opened the door for college athletes to make money from their talents for the first time.

Traded to the Houston Rockets in February, veteran center Enes Kanter Freedom was unceremoniously waived by his new team, which he believes was retaliation for speaking out about human rights abuses in China. Now he has turned his focus entirely to activism.

The Supreme Court has historically ruled that public employees sacrifice some of their freedom to religious expression when working for the government. A new case may change that longstanding precedent.

A major spike in COVID cases among professional athletes has raised debate over whether the sports world is being too careful or too cavalier for the current stage of the pandemic.

Human rights groups have called on the U.S. and other countries to skip the Games over the ongoing genocide of Chinese Muslims.

The question of how to respond when some employees refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine is something that every business in the U.S. has had to answer. Professional sports leagues are no different.

Tokyo 2020 is the latest Olympic host to be plagued by billion-dollar cost overruns, public discontent and controversy. Can the system be fixed or do the issues run too deep?

Allowing athletes to sign endorsements could make the NCAA a more equitable organization, but could also be a recipe for chaos.

Although the U.S. is seeing a record number of COVID-19 vaccinations, the nation is still seeing an uptick in cases. And of particular concern among health experts is the recent increase in cases among teens and children.

Some health experts fear even a toned-down version of the Games could become a global superspreader event.

With athletes in Americas biggest sports leagues raking in salaries worth $300 million and more, is it time to reign in the big spending or do superstars deserve the big bucks they make?

Animal rights activists have repeatedly called for college sports teams to stop using real animals as their mascots. Are these complaints fair or an overreaction?

Has the U.S. womens soccer team done enough to warrant salaries that match their male counterparts? The 360 gives you all the angles on heavily-debated topics in the news.

The former Daily Show host is serving as the host and emcee of this weeks 2019 Department of Defense Warrior Games in Tampa, where about 300 wounded, ill or injured active-duty and veteran military athletes are competing in 14 adaptive sports.

Dear Men explores how men are navigating the evolution of manhood. NBA All-Star Kevin Loves mental health journey began in a moment of anxiety on the basketball court during a November 2017 game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Dear Men explores how men are navigating the evolution of manhood. You can watch the current weeks full episode of Dear Men every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Roku. So why are young men struggling? So I dont never hold back my tears when Im feeling an emotional overload, he said.

It has been a year since former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for abusing more than 150 girls. But Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman is still coming to terms with the sexual abuse she experienced as a teenager.

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman tells the Yahoo News show Through Her Eyes that she sometimes finds it difficult to hear the graphic details in the sexual assault stories of others, as she is still coping with her own traumatic experience.

Karen Kinzle Zegel spends her days working on the Patrick Risha CTE Awareness Foundation website, fielding questions and giving out information on a disease she barely knew existed five years ago until it took the life of her son, for whom the foundation is named. Karen remembers, We were a football family, his dad was a coach, I would cheer and yell and you know, do all the things the football mom does. At the time, she was unaware of CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head and the role it was playing in Patricks life.

Its been 71 years since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, but African-American participation in the MLB has sharply declined since its peak in the early 80s.

Just days ahead of the Olympic Games the waterways of Rio de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria, according to a 16-month-long study commissioned by The Associated Press. The APs survey of the aquatic Olympic and Paralympic venues has revealed consistent and dangerously high levels of viruses from the pollution, a major black eye on Rios Olympic project that has set off alarm bells among sailors, rowers and open-water swimmers.

This evening is Game 1 of the NBA Finals, where the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will once again face off, and each team has a very stylish roster.

Mechanical doping made its way into the popular culture last week when a professional bike racer got caught.

Democrats succeeded again in making the former President a central campaign issue, and Mr. Trump helped them do it.

If you workto install a Supreme Court that will eliminate constitutional rights, prepare to live with the electoral consequences.

Trump pretty reliably put his thumb on the scale for the riskiest and most flawed candidates.

The Republicans should have done much better on inflation and the economy. They lacked an effective and transparent message.

Where does Trump end and the far-right begin?

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